Monday, 27 February 2017

A Yendorian Curse!

I had the happy fortune to play a beta preview of the accessible new roguelike The Curse of Yendor.  You can read about my experiences with the earlier build of the game over at

Well I'm pleased to announce that on 17th February 2017 the game was officially released on Steam!


And it's getting some positive reviews from players.

Naturally I applaud the use of ASCII in roguelikes. But, it's the approachable, streamlined and accessible titles (that are 'proper' roguelikes as opposed to indie titles adopting some aspect of roguelike mechanics ie. "roguelites" or "roguelike-likes"), that really promote the genre to the next generation of players.

Mass distribution through the likes of Steam will up the visibility, and afford the developers some remuneration for their efforts (whereas it is "traditional" to see most roguelikes given out for free).

Roguelikes are fascinating delves into tactical adventuring, that can be as complex or as streamlined a journey as you want. There is a wide spectrum and tastes for everyone and anyone! Therein lies their beauty.

The Curse of Yendor is built to be appealing and easy to play, but also challenging and rewarding. This is clearly the sort of title that the roguelike genre needs to enable new players to wave their curious blazing torches into the deep dark cavernous realms of roguelike gameplay.

Kudos to Bob Saunders (IBOL) for building the gateway into the genre. Check out his other projects! or keep up with his #gamedev posts.


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