Wednesday, 22 February 2017

An @ barely alive...

Welcome to this site of adulation for the Roguelike genre!

I'm hoping we can pique the interest of those adventurers who frequent these hash tag halls. Roguelikes and 'lites' appear to be undergoing a bit of a boom at the moment, with every developer wanting to adopt a hint of roguelike mechanic(s) into their games. With the army of @'s rushing through the procedurally generated pits of hell, I'm hoping to point them towards other roguelikes that have often paved the way for this new sensation.

Perhaps champion the beauty and simplicity of the ASCII character set to depict the action concisely and succinctly enough for them to make their tactical decisions. 3d, sprite, tile or ASCII, all roguelikes are welcome here, but why not take a peek at how the genre began and how it still maintains itself today.

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