Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Winter is coming...

An introductory playthrough (I did for Laserbeards) of the fighting hero's arctic dungeon delve of the Frozen Depths..

"The land of Glacia has started to freeze all over. The surface people will perish, should the temperature drop much lower. The high council has selected you to go to the Frozen Depths of Glacia, find out the source of coldness and get rid of it. If you return to the surface, you'll be executed as a coward, if you die on the way, another poor one will be sent down through another entrance to the complex, but if you succeed in your quest, you'll become a hero. Many have failed and many will fail... Now you're all alone in the Frozen Depths. Will you make it?"


Free to play, bring to life your adventure through your own imagination! Wrap the action around the schematics of your abstracted ASCII view, using your naturally fertile creative mind, add as little or as much detail as you want!!

Survive the icy impossible.

Winter is coming...

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