Monday, 6 March 2017

The Haunting

So, I'm bull charging my way through Crawl with an impulsive axe wielding Minotaur named Bowson.

And he's blowing through level 6 of the Dungeon in a raged temper steaming out of his bovine nostrils, when he stumbles upon a ghostly elven figure who happens to be the vexed apparition of our very own Zax!!! Resurrected in torment to wander these caverns for all eternity exacting an ectoplasmic revenge!

The ghost of Zax passed, has even brought his White Imp with him...

So Bowson engages the familiar friend gone sour, with his usual horned gusto!

The nebulous Zax casts a spell and begins chanting.. whilst his Imp shouts out "Fly, thou unmuzzled tip-merry gudgeon!"

Bowson, the bull is poisoned. But calls upon the spirit of Trog, and tips into a Beserker rage!

and headbutts the spirit of Zax long gone, back into the neverworld once again!

Sick and Exhausted the fevered rage subsides...

(ooc: I know this is a regular unsurprising occurrence in the roguelike world, but still, there is something exciting upon meeting an old friend, that once kindled my imagination so many moons ago)

Bowson had a good run, cleaving Sigmund not shortly after..


and Crazy Yiuf with relative ease, these two being the bane of novice adventurers delving into the early levels of Crawl..



but also coming across the gluttonous wizardy slug, Gastronok the Ponderous.. a nasty slime with an array of spells at his command.



With Trog and the zerker rage on your side, Gastronok was no match for the Bull!



Sadly, Bowson's relentless slaying was on a timer, and by Dungeon level 10 that time was up. After unleashing a horde of small and large Abominations, he was eventually swamped by the sheer numbers of them.

They Zerged the Zerker. 

RIP Bowson, till we meet your vengeful ethereal corpse once again.

The Hunted become the haunted.

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