Wednesday, 19 April 2017

7DRL roundup & Roguelike Radio

I've been a busy @ recently, taking part in the reviewing process of the 2017 7DRL Challenge, and then I was kindly invited to join Darren Grey and Chris Haner on an episode of the Roguelike Radio Podcast to discuss some of this years entries.

So here is an inventory list of places to visit to level up your 7DRL rogue:

It was a real honour and a pleasure to take part in the reviewing process, and a dream come true to actually feature on the Roguelike Radio podcast. A show that I have listened to intently for a good number of years.

Thanks to Darren for the invite to put back a little something into the 7DRL roguelike community, and thanks to Chris Haner for his extensive video coverage of the 7DRL entries.

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