Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Burning HOAK tree!

I was exploring the joys of Crawl's Hill Ork and Abyssal Knight (HOAK) combination, having stepped out of the Abyss, commanded by my deity Lord Lugonu to spread my corruption - when I got into a spot of bother.

I was being hounded by my fellow orcs, and their Beogh Priest, and they'd brought a menagerie of Phantoms, Yak's and Centaurs along for the massacre.

Desperately seeking shelter in my inventory sack, I fumbled out an unknown magical potion and quickly guzzled it down! It transpires (pun intended) that it was a potion of Lignification, which roots me to the spot and turns my body into a Tree! These orc puppets of Beogh are now gnawing at my bark, but doing very little damage to me.

I'm not entirely sure this pause in the pounding will last long, and without any other course of action available to me, I commune with the Lord of the Abyss himself. Lugonu answers my call for Corruption, and he claws at the very fabric of reality around me spreading his Hand of Corruption across the very ground where my roots where so firmly planted! From the Abyss, in pours an army of Abyssal Creatures!

The Green Very Ugly Thing being most prominent to my pitifully paralysed awestruck knot-like eyes!

All manner of unmentionables turn up, with the Worldbinder bringing more and more creatures of suppuration and demise to the fore. These minions of the mortal dungeons did not know what hit them! They were suffocated with the noxious fumes of pestilent death oozing from Lugonu's summoned horde.

If I could move anything, I would have cracked a smile through my pithy canopy and let some sap ooze out to show my glee. Revenge is sweet and sticky.

Amidst the brutality displayed by the thrashing horror and others, I fumbled around trying desperately to find anything that could treat my wooden wounds. I had no idea how long my preserving bark would last, nor whether the creatures of the Abyss would look favourably upon a lowly Hill Orc minion of Lugonu.

Foolishly reading out a scroll of immolation, I almost burn myself to the ground, but the fog of the Abyss soon dissipates the heat, luckily.

As the Corruption fades away, the dark forms shift and meld back into the night of the Abyss, my lignification also falls away.

I am dumb-founded at what just happened.. on the brink of death, I turned into a tree, called forth an army of unspeakable hate that laid waste to my attackers, and then as I uproot myself and take on Orc form once again, the death lays about my feet, along with a lot of loot, and a hint of satisfaction at witnessing Lugonu's power to protect his own.

The self satisfaction was short-lived though, as Ogz the HOAK went on to be frazzled by a pool of Electric Eels on the same level.

2806 Ogz the Fighter (level 9, -8/83 HPs)
Began as a Hill Orc Abyssal Knight on June 30, 2017.
Was an Elder of Lugonu.
Killed from afar by an electric eel (10 damage) ... with a bolt of electricity ... on level 8 of the Dungeon on July 7, 2017.
The game lasted 01:11:30 (8227 turns).

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