Thursday, 16 November 2017

Celebrate your Rogues!

What is absolutely fascinating to me, and a real joy is to be able to experience the annual Roguelike Celebration.

A gathering of roguelike enthusiasts, developers, players, forward thinking speakers demonstrating their latest ideas and design philosophies. A real bonding of the community in every sense.

I can't thank the organisers enough for making the whole celebration available to watch on a service like Twitch. Not only can you be there in real time, but you can catch up later at your leisure.

Be sure to check out, the meta-progression talk given by Jim Shepherd (developer of Dungeonmans), and the fantastic news on ADOM's future by Thomas Biskup, not to mention the live playthroughs of Caves of Qud and Nethack, and the whole spectacle, diversity and enthusiasm on display.

Watch Roguelike Celebration 2017 from roguelike_con on

You should be able to catch up with previous sessions with Roguelike Celebration on Youtube, including one of my favourite talks from the #roguelikecel 2016 by John Harris on the Difficulty in random games.